2017 Recap and Heading into 2018

2017 ended in a flurry of activity for Lab7. We started the Fall with pumpkin spice lattes and a trip to Washington, D.C. for the Next Generation Dx Summit. Whereas in the past, this conference was essentially a how-to manual on setting up a NGS diagnostics lab and navigating regulatory issues, this year’s meeting[...]


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The latest installment of our blog posts on the Lab7 Systems team features our Principal Software Engineer, John Eargle, Ph.D. John was the 4th Lab7ite, having joined about 3 months after the company was founded. Since then, John has toiled away making sure that the Enterprise Science Platform (ESP) not only[...]


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Bio-IT World 2017 Recap

Lab7 Systems was proud to be a Gold Sponsor of this year's Bio-IT World Conference and Expo, which took place May23-25, at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. The best part was that our booth #563 was right next to the bar...I mean...The best part was seeing the exciting advances in utilization of cloud[...]


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We can all agree that labs are being inundated with more and more tasks, more data-rich technologies, and the need to develop new strategies for dealing with this new reality. Just as we have become more efficient in managing our lives (think about the impact of smartphones), it’s important to apply similar[...]


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As our company rapidly grows, we’re working to increase our presence in the market, as well as to increase the time we spend at conferences to learn the latest from scientists in our field. To that end, we want to take some time here to describe what we’ve been up to at recent conferences and look forward to our[...]


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Lab7 in 7 Questions: Alexandra Hubbard

As Lab7 Systems grows and more people become aware of what we do and what the Enterprise Science 

Platfo rm (ESP) is, we’d like to share some insight into the team that helped get us here. To this end, we’re starting a new blog series called “Lab7 in 7 Questions” (we are Lab7 after all, not Lab4 or Lab5). In the[...] Read

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LAB7 SYSTEMS SECURES $3.0M FINANCING TO FUEL PLATFORM GROWTH AND COMMERCIAL EXPANSION Boosts scalable software platform for data-intensive life science applications


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 AtLab7 Systems, we spend a lot of time talking about the importance of data provenance, and often how the need for robust provenance gets overlooked in even the most sophisticated laboratory setting. The conversation always brings up some very interesting scenarios and questions:


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