There are a lot of options today for selecting a cloud partner for bioinformatics, and the big guys seem to all have a one-size-fits-all approach, since they serve a variety of industries. Clouds that were designed to handle less data-intensive, mass-market consumer tasks such as file and photograph storage, video[...]


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Lab7 at Bio-IT World 2016

Help the Lab7 ESP win the “People’s Choice” Best of Show Award

Tired of inflexible corporate LIMS and fragile DIY solutions? This year at the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo, come by booth #145 to see how the Lab7 Enterprise Science Platform (ESP), a complete operating platform for labs that combines LIMS +[...]


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Is Your Head in the Cloud? (Part 1)

Alphabet Soup: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, OpEx, CapEx, oh my!

Over the last few years, cloud computing has become an integral element of the IT landscape. It's impossible to discuss new IT deployments without considering how cloud services may play a role. In the Life Sciences, especially with next generation sequencing[...]


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Lab7 at the Festival of Genomics

Lab7 Systems will be demonstrating the Lab7 ESP, the Operating System for Your Lab, at the Festival of Genomics next week at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, June 22-24, 2015. We'll be in Booth 34, and invite you to visit to see live demonstrations of the Lab7 Enterprise Sequencing Platform, and to[...]


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Silly Names, Serious Services

Today we took the wraps off our new services offerings. Our services are designed to help our customers at critical stages in the evolution of their sequencing environments, those times when a little extra help can lead to a significant return on investment.


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In the early days of next-generation sequencing, I was approached by a local R&D group about designing a cluster for their two new SOLiD instruments.  The budget was modest - tens of thousands of dollars - and the expectations were high - a run every ten days for each instrument, or one run a week for the lab.[...]


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Raspberry PI Cluster Part 1

At Lab7, we develop code to manage the flow of data between tasks spread out across a cluster. Of course, having access to a cluster is a requirement for development and test, but as a young and mobile company we don’t necessarily want to be tied to an entrenched cluster, we are young and mobile after all.


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