Reimagining the Cloud for Data-Intensive Science

Genomic Cloud WP Cover_shadow-01.pngThe Lab7/IBM High Performance Genomic Cloud is the world's only cloud solution developed specifically for the management and analysis of genomic-scale data workloads. Orchestrated by Lab7's Enterprise Science Platform (ESP)and deployed on the IBM Bluemix infrastructure, the Genomic Cloud utilizes IBM Spectrum LSF® (formerly IBM Platform LSF) and IBM Spectrum Scale™ (based on IBM GPFS™) to support high-throughput genomics work. Pairing these advanced solutions with high-memory compute nodes and a fast internal network helps create a cloud solution that’s more than capable of handling the data processing needs of data-intensive scientific workloads.Lab7_Genomic Cloud Case Study_Cover_drop shadow-01.png

This unique solution offers a the following significant benefits:

  • Robust purpose-built hardware

  • Strong data security

  • Comprehensive & complete software stack

  • Global reach

  • Unparalleled infrastructure, software, and bioinformatics support

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